Thinking sex: notes for a radical theory of the politics of sexuality

  title={Thinking sex: notes for a radical theory of the politics of sexuality},
  author={Gayle S. Rubin},
‘Asked his advice, Dr. J. Guerin affirmed that, after all other treatments had failed, he had succeeded in curing young girls affected by the vice of onanism by burning the clitoris with a hot iron . . . I apply the hot point three times to each of the large labia and another on the clitoris . . . After the first operation, from forty to fifty times a day, the number of voluptuous spasms was reduced to three or four . . . We believe, then, that in cases similar to those submitted to your… 

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G. J. BARKER-BENFIELD, The horrors of the half-known life. Male attitudes toward women and sexuality in nineteenth-century America, New York and London, Harper & Row, 1976, 8vo, pp. xiv, 352, £2.95

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A seventeenth-century man would have read, in a spirit of acceptance, the biblical condemnations of all forms of sexual irregularity and deviation, and found both of these attitudes unacceptable, and the non-Christian attitude incomprehensible.

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Between 1935 and 1965, city, state, and federal officials established commissions to investigate sexual crime, passed statutes to transfer authority over sex offenders from courts to psychiatrists, and funded specialized institutions for the treatment of sex offenders.

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