Thinking of Others: On the Talent for Metaphor

  title={Thinking of Others: On the Talent for Metaphor},
  author={Ted Cohen},
  • T. Cohen
  • Published 14 January 2009
  • Biology
Acknowledgments ix CHAPTER ONE: The Talent for Metaphor 1 CHAPTER TWO: Being a Good Sport 13 CHAPTER THREE: From the Bible: Nathan and David 19 CHAPTER FOUR: Real Feelings, Unreal People 29 CHAPTER FIVE: More from the Bible: Abraham and God 53 CHAPTER SIX: More Lessons from Sports 57 CHAPTER SEVEN: Oneself Seen by Others 65 CHAPTER EIGHT: Oneself as Oneself 67 CHAPTER NINE: Lessons from Art 69 CHAPTER TEN: The Possibility of Conversation, Moral and Otherwise 79 CHAPTER ELEVEN Conclusion: In… 
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