Thin-sheet laser imaging microscopy for optical sectioning of thick tissues.

  title={Thin-sheet laser imaging microscopy for optical sectioning of thick tissues.},
  author={Peter A. Santi and Shane B Johnson and Matthias Hillenbrand and Patrick Z GrandPre and Tiffany J. Glass and James R. Leger},
  volume={46 4},
We report the development of a modular and optimized thin-sheet laser imaging microscope (TSLIM) for nondestructive optical sectioning of organisms and thick tissues such as the mouse cochlea, zebrafish brain/inner ear, and rat brain at a resolution that is comparable to wide-field fluorescence microscopy. TSLIM optically sections tissue using a thin sheet of light by inducing a plane of fluorescence in transparent or fixed and cleared tissues. Moving the specimen through the thinnest portion… CONTINUE READING


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