Thin collagen film scaffolds for retinal epithelial cell culture.

  title={Thin collagen film scaffolds for retinal epithelial cell culture.},
  author={James T Lu and Christina J Lee and Stacey F Bent and Harvey A Fishman and Eric E. Sabelman},
  volume={28 8},
Collagen films have been used in biological implantation and surgical grafts. The development of thin collagen films on the order of 10 microm thick that ensure a planar distribution of implanted cells is a necessary step towards surgical grafts for treatment of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Here, collagen films were manufactured on a Teflon support to a thickness of 2.4+/-0.2 microm, comparable to that of native Bruch's membrane. Because one important function of Bruch's membrane is… CONTINUE READING


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