Thin anterolateral thigh free flap.

  title={Thin anterolateral thigh free flap.},
  author={Nebojsa Rajacic and Raj Kumar Gang and Jaya Krishnan and Rameshwar Lal Bang},
  journal={Annals of plastic surgery},
  volume={48 3},
The need for a thin flap has increased for contour or coverage of the shallow defects caused by trauma, tumor ablative surgery, or defects created after the release of contractures. The authors describe their experience with the use of an extremely thin anterolateral thigh free flap for covering such defects in a series of 12 patients. Extreme thinning of the flap (4-5 mm) was achieved by removal of deep fascia and subcutaneous fat except for a 3- to 4-cm area around the entry of the perforator… CONTINUE READING