Thin-Film-Integrated Power Inductor on Si and Its Performance in an 8-MHz Buck Converter

  title={Thin-Film-Integrated Power Inductor on Si and Its Performance in an 8-MHz Buck Converter},
  author={Ningning Wang and Terence O'Donnell and Ronan Meere and F M F Rhen and Saibal Roy and S. C. O'Mathuna},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Magnetics},
This paper presents a microinductor fabricated on silicon using electrochemical techniques that has high efficiency in a low power dc-dc converter. Small signal measurements show a flat frequency response up to 20 MHz with a self resonant frequency of 130 MHz. The inductance at low frequency is approximately 440 nH with a dc resistance of 0.5 Omega , and a high quality factor of 11.7 at 5.5 MHz. The current handling capability test shows less than 10% decrease in inductance at 500-mA current… CONTINUE READING
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