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Thin-Film InGaAs Metamorphic Buffer for telecom C-band InAs Quantum Dots and Optical Resonators on GaAs Plattform

  title={Thin-Film InGaAs Metamorphic Buffer for telecom C-band InAs Quantum Dots and Optical Resonators on GaAs Plattform},
  author={Robert F. Sittig and C. Nawrath and Sascha Kolatschek and St. Bauer and Richard Schaber and Jiasheng Huang and Ponraj Vijayan and Simone Luca Portalupi and Michael Jetter and Peter Michler},
  journal={arXiv: Optics},
The GaAs-based material system is well-known for the implementation of InAs quantum dots (QDs) with outstanding optical properties. However, these dots typically emit at a wavelength of around 900nm. The insertion of a metamorphic buffer (MMB) can shift the emission to the technologically attractive telecom C-band range centered at 1550nm. However, the thickness of common MMB designs limits their compatibility with most photonic resonator types. Here we report on the MOVPE growth of a novel… Expand

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