Thin Fiim Acoustic Surface Waveguides on Anisotropic Media

  title={Thin Fiim Acoustic Surface Waveguides on Anisotropic Media},
  author={R. Schmidt and L. A. Coldren},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Sonics and Ultrasonics},
Abslrucl-Mm loaded rMp, slot, and Av/v surface acoustic waveguides on anisotropic substrates are ?heoretidy analyzed using a single scalar potential and wave equation. The scalar theory has the advantages of mathematical simplicity and can be applied with generality to the practical case of very thin films. A variety of surface waveguide problems can be described and analyzd in termcl of several 5xed parameters which are well known or easily measured. Waveguide dispersion curves and coupling… CONTINUE READING
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