Thin, dry diaper.

  title={Thin, dry diaper.},
  author={Uwe Jurgen Becker and Ludwig Busam and Michael Divo and Bruno Johannes Ehrnsperger and R. E. Engel and Torsten Lindner and Siegfried Link and Volker Maier and Sanaul K. Siddiquee and Gabriele Stiehl and Thomas Tombult-Meyer},
A useful absorbent core (28) for an absorbent article (20) comprising a layer (100) substrate, said layer (100) of a first surface and a second surface comprising said absorbent core further comprising a discontinuous layer of absorbent material, comprising said absorbent material material (110) absorbent polymeric and zero to 40% by weight absorbent material based on the total weight of the material (110) absorbent polymeric fibrous, said discontinuous layer of absorbent material comprising a… CONTINUE READING