Thifluzamide oil suspension and use and preparation method thereof

  title={Thifluzamide oil suspension and use and preparation method thereof},
  author={潘月敏 and 郭敏 and 高智谋 and 顾佳俊 and 伍万荣},
The invention discloses a thifluzamide oil suspension and a preparation method thereof. The thifluzamide oil suspension takes thifluzamide, a solvent, a thickener, a dispersant and a PH regulator as raw materials. The preparation method of the thifluzamide oil suspension comprises the following steps: firstly, carrying out pretreatment to thifluzamide and the thickener, then stirring all the raw materials by mixing together, throwing into a sand mill to be ground to a particle size below 5 mu m… CONTINUE READING

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