Thickness-dependent thermal conductivity of encased graphene and ultrathin graphite.

  title={Thickness-dependent thermal conductivity of encased graphene and ultrathin graphite.},
  author={W. Jang and Z. Chen and W. Bao and C. N. Lau and C. Dames},
  journal={Nano letters},
  volume={10 10},
The thermal conductivity of graphene and ultrathin graphite (thickness from 1 to ∼20 layers) encased within silicon dioxide was measured using a heat spreader method. The thermal conductivity increases with the number of graphene layers, approaching the in-plane thermal conductivity of bulk graphite for the thickest samples, while showing suppression below 160 W/m-K at room temperature for single-layer graphene. These results show the strong effect of the encasing oxide in disrupting the… Expand
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