Thickness dependent properties of diamond-like carbon coatings by filtered cathodic vacuum arc deposition

  title={Thickness dependent properties of diamond-like carbon coatings by filtered cathodic vacuum arc deposition},
  author={Abdul Wasy and Govindasamy Balakrishnan and S. H. Lee and J. K. Kim and Tae Gyu Kim and Jung‐il Song},
  journal={Surface Engineering},
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Abstract Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings of 300, 500 and 650 nm thickness were deposited on stainless steel substrates using a filtered cathodic vacuum arc hybrid with magnetron sputtering system. A 100 nm thick chromium interlayer was deposited before the deposition of the DLC coatings. The films morphology was characterised by field emission scanning electron microscopy and structure was identified by Raman spectroscopy. Tribology was evaluated by ball disc wear test and wear tracks were… 

Lubrication of aluminium versus diamond-like carbon contacts with hydrophobin proteins

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Doctoral dissertation - short version to be published in Tribologia - Finnish Journal of Tribology

DLC (H) coated 13Cr SMSS by high-pulsed power CVD technique

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Argon plasma treatment on metal substrates and effects on diamond‐like carbon (DLC) coating properties

The diamond like carbon coatings (DLC) of 400 nm thickness was deposited by filtered cathodic vacuum arc system. The argon plasma etched and non‐etched tungsten carbide‐cobalt (WC‐Co) and stainless

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Purpose: Very interesting combination of mechanical, physical and chemical properties of carbon films results in many possibilities of their industrial applications. Unfortunately the area of their

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