Thick-film NTC thermistors based on spinel-type semiconducting electroceramics

  title={Thick-film NTC thermistors based on spinel-type semiconducting electroceramics},
  author={I. Brunets and O. Mrooz and O. Shpotyuk and Horst Altenburg},
  journal={2004 24th International Conference on Microelectronics (IEEE Cat. No.04TH8716)},
  pages={503-506 vol.2}
Thick-film NTC thermistors based on spinel-type semiconducting electroceramics of different composition /Cu/sub 0.1/Ni/sub 0.1/Co/sub 1.6/Mn/sub 1.2/O/sub 4/ (No.1), Cu/sub 0.1/Ni/sub 0.8/Co/sub 0.21/Mn/sub 1.9/O/sub 4/ (No.2), and Cu/sub 0.8/Ni/sub 0.1/Co/sub 0.2/Mn/sub 1.9/O/sub 4/ (No.3)/ were fabricated. Basic bulk ceramics and fired thick films were characterized by XRD, SEM and EDX microanalysis. Thick films of No. 1-2 ceramics showed higher density and microstructure homogeneity over… CONTINUE READING


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