Thiazole fused thiosemicarbazones: Microwave-assisted synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular docking study

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Synthesis of thiazolylidenethiazoloquinazolinone hybrids from monocarbonyl curcumin analogues. Characterization, bio-evaluation and DFT study
Given the diverse pharmacological attributes possessed by the curcumin and its analogs, quinazolinethione 3, thiazoloquinazolinone 4, and thiazolylidene thiazoloquinazolinone hybrids D1-D12 were
Synthesis and Identification of some new Derivatives Oxazole, Thiazole and Imidazol from Acetyl Cysteine
Some fused heterocyclic oxazoles and imidazols rings were synthesized from reaction of N- acetyl cysteine with different treatment. After thiol group protection, N-acetyl-S-ethyl cysteine (2) had
An Overview of the Synthesis and Antimicrobial, Antiprotozoal, and Antitumor Activity of Thiazole and Bisthiazole Derivatives
The current review provides an overview of different methods for the synthesis of thiazole and bisthiazole derivatives and describes various compounds bearing a thiazolic moiety possessing antibacterial, antifungal, antiprotozoal, and antitumor activity, encouraging further research on the discovery ofThiazole-containing drugs.
Synthesis of novel scaffolds based on thiazole or triazolothiadiazine linked to benzofuran or benzo[d]thiazole moieties as new hybrid molecules
Abstract A synthesis of novel hybrid molecules containing thiazole or bis(thiazoles) each bearing benzofuran and/or benzo[d]thiazole moieties by the reaction of the appropriate thioamide derivatives


Microwave and ultrasound-assisted synthesis of thiosemicarbazones and their corresponding (4,5-substituted-thiazol-2-yl)hydrazines
Hantzsch cyclization of thiosemicarbazone intermediates is a very popular approach to the synthesis of substituted thiazoles. We developed a convenient microwave and ultrasound-assisted method both
Novel 1-indanone Thiosemicarbazone Antiviral Candidates: Aqueous Solubilization and Physical Stabilization by Means of Cyclodextrins
1-indanone TSC/CD inclusion complexes improved aqueous solubility and physical stability of these new drug candidates and constitute a promising technological approach towards evaluation of their activity against the viruses hepatitis B and C.
A Review on Biological Activity of Imidazole and Thiazole Moieties and their Derivatives
This articles aims to review the work reported, their chemistry and biological activities of imidazole and thiazole during past years and to synthesize a large number of novel chemotherapeutic agents.
Heterocyclic Anticancer Compounds: Recent Advances and the Paradigm Shift towards the Use of Nanomedicine’s Tool Box
This review provides for a concise overview of heterocyclic active compounds and families and their main applications in medicine, focusing on those suitable for cancer therapy while simultaneously addressing main biochemical modes of action, biological targets, structure-activity relationships as well as intrinsic limitation issues in the use of these compounds.
Biological Potential of Thiazole Derivatives of Synthetic Origin
A broad view on biological activities of compounds having thiazole nucleus is highlighted and similar compounds synthesized through different routes bear variable magnitudes of biological activities.