They might be giants

  title={They might be giants},
  author={John Kappelman},
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What Is Indie Rock?
This article defines the music category “indie rock” not just as an aesthetic genre, but as a method of social differentiation as well as a marketing tool. Using Pierre Bourdieu's concept ofExpand
Bad Apples or Bad Bushel?: Ethics, Efficiency, and Capital Market Integrity
Popular interpretation of the recent financial scandals describes the individuals and firms charged with wrongdoing as ‘bad apples’ while retaining a sanguine view of the capital markets overall. TheExpand
Wherever You Go, There You Are: Bringing Experiences of Race, Class, Language, Gender, and Culture to Research in Mathematics Education
Through this performance ethnography the authors present the stories of emerging scholars who in their research identify an interest in equity issues in the field of mathematics education. TheExpand
Assessing the impact of drop-shipping fulfilment operations on the upstream supply chain
This research extends the current drop-shipping literature by shifting the research focus away from retailers to suppliers; and hence, shifting the focus from strategic use of drop-Shipping towards a more tactical/operational perspective by exploring those who carry out drop- shipping operations. Expand
Empirical approaches to the study of language evolution
  • W. Fitch
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Psychonomic bulletin & review
  • 2017
This special issue provides a concise overview of current models of language evolution, emphasizing the testable predictions that they make, along with overviews of the many sources of data available to test them, and concludes with my own multistage model of how different components of language could have evolved. Expand
Non‐audit service fees, auditor characteristics and earnings restatements
Purpose – The objective of the study is to provide empirical evidence of the impact of non‐audit services (NAS) as well as other auditor characteristics on auditor independence by testing theExpand
Who Believes in the Giant Skeleton Myth? An Examination of Individual Difference Correlates
This study examined individual difference correlates of belief in a narrative about the discovery of giant skeletal remains that contravenes mainstream scientific explanations. A total of 364Expand
The Middle Pleistocene of east Africa
The record of east Africa is rich in the fossils of Middle Pleistocene hominids and the detritus that represents the material record of their behaviour. For archaeology and human palaeontology, asExpand
Ethics, values, and leadership beliefs and practices
Purpose – Ethics for many individuals is manifested daily through decisions and actions which display their commitment to personal values. Values permeate our lives, and influence our actions.Expand
Relative risk of extinction of passerine birds on continents and islands
This work compiles the ranges of thepasserine (perching) birds of the Americas to produce a map showing where species losses might occur in the long term. Expand