Thermostabilization of an esterase by alignment-guided focussed directed evolution.

  title={Thermostabilization of an esterase by alignment-guided focussed directed evolution.},
  author={Helge Jochens and D. J. Aerts and Uwe T Bornscheuer},
  journal={Protein engineering, design & selection : PEDS},
  volume={23 12},
Site-saturation libraries of the Pseudomonas fluorescens esterase were created targeting three surface positions to increase its thermostability on the basis of the B-factor iterative test principle. All three positions were saturated simultaneously using our recently developed protocol for the design of 'small, but smart' mutant libraries bearing only consensus-like mutations. Hence, the library size could be significantly reduced while ensuring a high hit rate. Variants could be identified… CONTINUE READING

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