Thermosensitivity of optically active hydrogels constructed with N-(L)-(1-hydroxymethyl)propylmethacrylamide.


We previously reported on the water soluble, optically active polymer, poly[N-(L)-(1-hydroxymethyl)propylmethacrylamide] (P(L-HMPMA)), which has lower critical solution temperatures of approximately 30 and 21 degrees C upon heating and cooling, respectively. The phase separation behavior of the P(L-HMPMA)-water binary system has a reversible and clear… (More)


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@article{Aoki2004ThermosensitivityOO, title={Thermosensitivity of optically active hydrogels constructed with N-(L)-(1-hydroxymethyl)propylmethacrylamide.}, author={Takashi Aoki and Mika Muramatsu and Akino Nishina and Kohei Sanui and Naoya Ogata}, journal={Macromolecular bioscience}, year={2004}, volume={4 10}, pages={943-9} }