Thermoresponsive graphene oxide – starch micro/nanohydrogel composite as biocompatible drug delivery system

  title={Thermoresponsive graphene oxide – starch micro/nanohydrogel composite as biocompatible drug delivery system},
  author={Mina Sattari and Marziyeh Fathi and Mansour Daei and Hamid Erfan-Niya and Jaleh Barar and Ali Akbar Entezami},
  booktitle={BioImpacts : BI},
Introduction: Stimuli-responsive hydrogels, which indicate a significant response to the environmental change (e.g., pH, temperature, light, …), have potential applications for tissue engineering, drug delivery systems, cell therapy, artificial muscles, biosensors, etc. Among the temperature-responsive materials, poly (N-isopropylacrylamide) (PNIPAAm) based hydrogels have been widely developed and their properties can be easily tailored by manipulating the properties of the hydrogel and the… CONTINUE READING
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