Thermoregulation in the primitively eusocial paper wasp, Polistes dominulus

  title={Thermoregulation in the primitively eusocial paper wasp, Polistes dominulus},
  author={Susan A. Weiner and Christopher Upton and Katherine K Noble and W. Addison Woods and Philip T. Starks},
  journal={Insectes Sociaux},
Regulation of wing muscle temperature is important for sustaining flight in many insects, and has been well studied in honeybees. It has been much less well studied in wasps and has never been demonstrated in Polistes paper wasps. We measured thorax, head, and abdomen temperatures of inactive Polistes dominulus workers as they warmed after transfer from 8 to ~25°C ambient temperature, after removal from hibernacula, and after periods of flight in a variable temperature room. Thorax temperature… CONTINUE READING
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