Thermophysical study of 1-butyl-2-methylpyridinium tetrafluoroborate ionic liquid.

  title={Thermophysical study of 1-butyl-2-methylpyridinium tetrafluoroborate ionic liquid.},
  author={Isabel Bandr{\'e}s and Gorka Pera and Santiago Mart{\'i}n and Miguel A. Castro and Carlos Lafuente},
  journal={The journal of physical chemistry. B},
  volume={113 35},
A thermophysical study of 1-butyl-2-methylpyridinium tetrafluoroborate in a wide range of temperatures has been performed. Thus, density, speed of sound, refractive index, kinematic viscosity, surface tension, and thermal properties have been measured, whereas coefficients of thermal expansion, molar refractions, dynamic viscosities, and entropies and enthalpies of surface formation per unit surface area at the studied temperatures have been calculated. Experimental results have been compared… 
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