Thermodynamics of the quantum easy-plane antiferromagnet on the triangular lattice

  title={Thermodynamics of the quantum easy-plane antiferromagnet on the triangular lattice},
  author={Luca Capriotti and A.Cuccoli and V.Tognetti and P.Verrucchi and R.Vaia},
  journal={Physical Review B},
The classical XXZ triangular-lattice antiferromagnet (TAF) shows both an Ising and a BKT transition, related to the chirality and the in-plane spin components, respectively. In this paper the quantum effects on the thermodynamic quantities are evaluated by means of the pure-quantum self-consistent harmonic approximation (PQSCHA), that allows one to deal with any spin value through classical MC simulations. We report the internal energy, the specific heat, and the in-plane correlation length of… 
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