Thermodynamics of the N = 2 ∗ flow

  title={Thermodynamics of the N = 2 ∗ flow},
  author={Alex Buchel and James T. Liu},
We discuss the thermodynamics of the N = 2 * , SU(N) gauge theory at large 't Hooft coupling. The tool we use is the non-extremal deformation of the supergravity solution of Pilch and Warner (PW) [hep-th/0004063], dual to N = 4, SU(N) gauge theory softly broken to N = 2. We construct the exact non-extremal solution in five-dimensional gauged supergravity and further uplift it to ten dimensions. Turning to the thermodynamics, we analytically compute the leading correction in m/T to the free… CONTINUE READING
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