Thermodynamics of pyridine coordination in 1,4-phenylene bridged bimetallic (Pd, Pt) complexes containing two N,C,N' motifs, 1,4-M2-[C6(CH2NR2)4-2,3,5,6].

The thermodynamics of pyridine coordination in 1,4-phenylene-bridged binuclear palladium and platinum organometallic complexes [1,4-(MOTf)2-&{C6(CH2NR2)4-2,3,5,6}] (11, M =Pd, Pt; R =CH3, C2H5, R2 = -(CH2)5-) are measured by 1H NMR in DMSO-d6. The coordination of substituted pyridines by bimetallic complexes 11 or 12 in DMSO is found to proceed via two… CONTINUE READING