Thermodynamics of charged Lifshitz black holes with quadratic corrections

  title={Thermodynamics of charged Lifshitz black holes with quadratic corrections},
  author={Mois{\'e}s Bravo-Gaete and Mokhtar Hassaine},
  journal={Physical Review D},
In arbitrary dimension, we consider the Einstein-Maxwell Lagrangian supplemented by the more general quadratic-curvature corrections. For this model, we derive four classes of charged Lifshitz black hole solutions for which the metric function is shown to depend on a unique integration constant. The masses of these solutions are computed using the quasilocal formalism based on the relation established between the off-shell ADT and Noether potentials. Among these four solutions, three of them… 

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First law and anisotropic Cardy formula for three-dimensional Lifshitz black holes

The aim of this paper is to confirm in new concrete examples that the semiclassical entropy of a three-dimensional Lifshitz black hole can be recovered through an anisotropic generalization of the


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