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Thermodynamics of accelerating and supersymmetric $AdS_4$ black holes

  title={Thermodynamics of accelerating and supersymmetric \$AdS\_4\$ black holes},
  author={Davide A. D. Cassani and Jerome P. Gauntlett and Dario Martelli and James Sparks},
We study the thermodynamics of AdS4 black hole solutions of Einstein-Maxwell theory that are accelerating, rotating, and carry electric and magnetic charges. We focus on the class for which the black hole horizon is a spindle and can be uplifted on regular Sasaki-Einstein spaces to give solutions of D = 11 supergravity that are free from conical singularities. We use holography to calculate the Euclidean on-shell action and to define a set of conserved charges which give rise to a first law. We… Expand


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