Thermodynamics of a Trapped Bose-Condensed Gas

  title={Thermodynamics of a Trapped Bose-Condensed Gas},
  author={S. Giorgini and Lev Petrovich Pitaevskiĭ and Sandro Stringari},
  journal={Journal of Low Temperature Physics},
We investigate the thermodynamic behaviour of a Bose gas interacting with repulsive forces and confined in a harmonic anisotropic trap. We develop the formalism of mean field theory for non uniform systems at finite temperature, based on the generalization of Bogoliubov theory for uniform gases. By employing the WKB semiclassical approximation for the excited states we derive systematic results for the temperature dependence of various thermodynamic quantities: condensate fraction, density… 

Dynamics of Trapped Bose Gases at Finite Temperatures

Starting from an approximate microscopic model of a trapped Bose-condensed gas at finite temperatures, we derive an equation of motion for the condensate wavefunction and a quantum kinetic equation

Microcanonical fluctuations of the condensate in weakly interacting Bose gases (13 pages)

We study fluctuations of the number of Bose condensed atoms in a weakly interacting homogeneous and trapped gases. For a homogeneous system we apply the particle-number-conserving formulation of the


Some thermodynamic features of an assembly of a finite number of bosons trapped in a bounded harmonic potential are investigated. P–V isotherms are drawn for both the degenerate and the

Depletion of the condensate in a dipolar Bose condensed gas in the presence of impurities

Abstract.The depletion of the condensate in a dipolar, trapped Bose condensed gas due to the contact, dipole-dipole interactions in the presence of impurities is investigated. By using the effective

Condensate Oscillations, Kinetic Equations and Two-Fluid Hydrodynamics in a Bose Gas

This is based on 4 lectures given at the 13th Australian Physics Summer School, Australia National University, Canberra, Jan 17-28, 2000. The main topic is the theory of collective modes in a trapped

Global thermodynamics of confined inhomogeneous dilute gases: A semi-classical approach

In this work we present our contribution to the Latin American School of Physics “Marcos Moshinsky” 2017 on Quantum Correlations which was held in Mexico City during the summer of 2017. We review the

Variational self-consistent theory for trapped Bose gases at finite temperature

Abstract. We apply the time-dependent variational principle of Balian-Vénéroni to a system of self-interacting trapped bosons at finite temperature. The method leads to a set of coupled non-linear

Dilute Bose gas with correlated disorder: a path integral Monte Carlo study

We investigate the thermodynamic properties of a dilute Bose gas in a correlated random potential using exact path integral Monte Carlo methods. The study is carried out in continuous space and

Conserving and gapless approximations for an inhomogeneous Bose gas at finite temperatures.

  • Griffin
  • Physics
    Physical review. B, Condensed matter
  • 1996
It is pointed out that the Popov approximation to the full HFB gives a gapless single-particle spectrum at all temperatures and that the problem of determining the excitation spectrum of a Bose-condensed gas is difficult because of the need to satisfy several different constraints.

Finite Temperature Excitations of a Trapped Bose Gas

We present a detailed study of the temperature dependence of the condensate and noncondensate density profiles of a Bose-condensed gas in a parabolic trap. These quantities are calculated

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By using a mean field approach, based on the Popov approximation, we calculate the temperature dependence of the condensate fraction of an interacting Bose gas confined in an anisotropic harmonic

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We consider a Bose gas confined by a harmonic potential. We define an appropriate thermodynamic limit and analyze the properties of the phases and phase transition in this limit. Critical properties

Collective Excitations of a Bose-Einstein Condensate in a Magnetic Trap.

The observation of shape oscillations of a trapped Bose condensate, modes analogous to phonons in homogeneous systems are reported on.

Density profile of the weakly interacting Fermi gas confined in a potential well: Nonzero temperature.

  • Oliva
  • Physics
    Physical review. B, Condensed matter
  • 1989
A theory is developed for the density profile of a weakly interacting Bose gas confined within an arbitrary potential well at nonzero temperature and the nonanalytic region of thedensity profile near the Bose-condensation density is analyzed.

Bosons in anisotropic traps: Ground state and vortices.

  • DalfovoStringari
  • Physics
    Physical review. A, Atomic, molecular, and optical physics
  • 1996
It is shown that the presence of vortices significantly increases the stability of the condensate in the case of attractive interactions, and the critical angular velocity for production of vorts is calculated.

Moment of inertia and superfluidity of a trapped Bose gas.

The temperature dependence of the moment of inertia of a dilute Bose gas confined in a harmonic trap is determined. Deviations from the rigid value, due to the occurrence of Bose-Einstein