Thermodynamics from first principles: Correlations and nonextensivity.

  title={Thermodynamics from first principles: Correlations and nonextensivity.},
  author={S. N. Saadatmand and Tim Gould and Eric G. Cavalcanti and Joan A. Vaccaro},
  journal={Physical review. E},
  volume={101 6-1},
The standard formulation of thermostatistics, being based on the Boltzmann-Gibbs distribution and logarithmic Shannon entropy, describes idealized uncorrelated systems with extensive energies and short-range interactions. In this Rapid Communication, we use the fundamental principles of ergodicity (via Liouville's theorem), the self-similarity of correlations, and the existence of the thermodynamic limit to derive generalized forms of the equilibrium distribution for long-range-interacting… 
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The present work analyzes one of the specific structural features of the Sq thermostatistics, according to which the q-logarithm function lnqx≡x1−q−11−q(ln1x=lnx) associated with the SQ entropy is linked, via a duality relation, to theq-exponential function characterizing the maximum-entropy probability distributions.



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Observations make possible the construction of a comprehensive thermodynamic description of two-dimensional turbulence, and the maximization of the generalized entropy with $q=\frac{1}{2}$ for the pure-electron plasma column leads to precisely the same profiles predicted by the restricted minimum enstrophy theory.