Thermodynamics and micro heterogeneity of ionic liquids.

  title={Thermodynamics and micro heterogeneity of ionic liquids.},
  author={Margarida F. Costa Gomes and Jos{\'e} Nuno Canongia Lopes and Ag{\'i}lio A. H. P{\'a}dua},
  journal={Topics in current chemistry},
The high degree of organisation in the fluid phase of room-temperature ionic liquids has major consequences on their macroscopic properties, namely on their behaviour as solvents. This nanoscale self-organisation is the result of an interplay between two types of interaction in the liquid phase - Coulomb and van der Waals - that eventually leads to the formation of medium-range structures and the recognition of some ionic liquids as composed of a high-charge density, cohesive network permeated… CONTINUE READING

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