Thermodynamics and criticality of su($m$) spin chains of Haldane-Shastry type

  title={Thermodynamics and criticality of su(\$m\$) spin chains of Haldane-Shastry type},
  author={Federico Finkel and Artemio Gonz'alez-L'opez},
We study the thermodynamics and critical behavior of su( m ) spin chains of Haldane–Shastry type at zero chemical potential, both in the A N − 1 and BC N cases. We evaluate in closed form the free energy per spin for arbitrary values of m , from which we derive explicit formulas for the energy, entropy and specific heat per spin. In particular, we find that the specific heat features a single Schottky peak, whose temperature is well approximated for m (cid:46) 10 by the corresponding temperature… 

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    When m = 2 we take γ = 1 in the equation for Si to agree with the standard definition of the Pauli matrices

      In the truly supersymmetric case the transfer matrix has always a zero eigenvalue, which is doubly degenerate for m = n = 2. This makes it straightforward to diagonalize the latter matrix when 1 m

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        For the sake of conciseness, we have omitted the dependence of a on x

          In what follows sums over Latin indices will implicitly range form 1 to N , unless otherwise stated