Thermodynamics : an introduction to the physical theories of equilibrium thermostatics and irreversible thermodynamics.

  title={Thermodynamics : an introduction to the physical theories of equilibrium thermostatics and irreversible thermodynamics.},
  author={Herbert B. Callen},

Skyrmions and Hall transport

  • Bom Soo Kim
  • Physics
    Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an Institute of Physics journal
  • 2019
A simple way is proposed to confirm the existence of Hall viscosity in the measurements of Hall conductivity as a function of momentum, and revisit various aspects of Skyrmion Hall transport from the point of Ward identities point of view.

Colloquium : Phononics: Manipulating heat flow with electronic analogs and beyond

The form of energy termed heat that typically derives from lattice vibrations, i.e., phonons, is usually considered as waste energy and, moreover, deleterious to information processing. However, in

Multiscale Thermodynamics

This paper formulate multiscale thermodynamics, explain its origin, and illustrate it in mesoscopic dynamics that combines levels, applicable to both static and time evolving processes in externally and internally driven macroscopic systems that are far from equilibrium.

Role of electronic kinetic energy and resultant gradient information in chemical reactivity

The complementarity principle of structural chemistry is confronted with the regional hard (soft) acid and bases (HSAB) rule by examining the polarizational and relaxational flows in such acceptor–donor reactive systems, responses to the external potential and CT displacements.

Understanding Electronic Structure and Chemical Reactivity: Quantum-Information Perspective

Several applications of quantum mechanics and information theory to chemical reactivity problems are presented with emphasis on equivalence of variational principles for the constrained minima of the


The methods of energy transfer and transformation in macroscopic systems are of importance in various areas of science and technology, such as power and heat engineering, chemistry, aerospace

Information equilibria, subsystem entanglement, and dynamics of the overall entropic descriptors of molecular electronic structure

Overall descriptors of the information (determinicity) and entropy (uncertainty) content of complex molecular states are reexamined and the global sources of the resultant information/entropy descriptors are shown to be of purely nonclassical origin, thus identically vanishing in real electronic states.

On entropy/information continuity in molecular electronic states*†

All these thermodynamic-like expressions in terms of the relevant IT intensities, affinities, fluxes and probability sources predict the vanishing entropy source for the zero intensities associated with the state modulus (probability) and phase (current) degrees of freedom.

On phase/current components of entropy/information descriptors of molecular states

Quantum-generalised descriptors of the information content of electronic states in molecules are proposed, in which non-classical (current) terms complement classical (probability) functionals of the