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Thermodynamics : An Engineering Approach

  title={Thermodynamics : An Engineering Approach},
  author={Y. Cengel and M. Boles},
Basic concepts of thermodynamics properties of pure substances the first law of thermodynamics - closed systems, control volumes the second law of thermodynamics entropy - a measure of disorder energy - a measure of work potential gas power cycles vapour and combined power cycles refrigeration cycles thermodynamics property gas mixtures gas vapour mixtures and air conditioning chemical reactions chemical and phase equilibrium thermodynamics of high-speed fluid flow property tables and charts… Expand
Some Thermodynamic Problems in Continuum Mechanics
Classical thermodynamics discusses the thermodynamic system, its surroundings and their common boundary. It is concerned with the state of thermodynamic systems at equilibrium, using macroscopic,Expand
Thermal Radiation and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
Thermal radiation is an important phenomenon in many engineering systems. However, up to now, radiation thermodynamic effects are generally neglected or evaluated incorrectly by the engineeringExpand
A Novel Approach to the Teaching of Thermodynamic Cycles and the Laws of Thermodynamics
This paper outlines a simple particle mechanics model in which a single particle represents the thermodynamic fluid (gas) in a heat engine (exemplified by a piston engine). By mechanics basedExpand
Review of Thermodynamics of Systems that Embrace Transfer of Electric and Magnetic Energies
Thermodynamics is a branch of physics which deals with the energy flow into systems. There are two principal laws of thermodynamics which are described on separate slides. The first law ofExpand
The First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics
The science of thermodynamics is built primarily on two fundamentally natural laws, known as the first and second laws. The first law of thermodynamics is simply an expression of the conservation ofExpand
Fundamental Aspects of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
The current chapter presents a comprehensive introductory material to provide the readers with the fundamental and basic concepts and details of thermodynamics and heat transfer. The balanceExpand
Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics—The Nonequilibrium Perspective
An alternative to the Carnot-Clausius approach for introducing entropy and the second law of thermodynamics is outlined that establishes entropy as a nonequilibrium property from the onset. FiveExpand
Basics and Applications of Thermal Engineering
This chapter presents the basics of three major topics of thermal engineering, viz. fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and thermodynamics. The three main parts of fluid mechanics, viz. fluid statics,Expand
Basic Study on the Definition of the Second Law Efficiencies of Thermodynamic Cycles
A general concept on the definition of the second law efficiencies of thermodynamic cycles is introduced. The efficiency is defined to be proportional to the entropy generation divided by the maximumExpand
Gas Power Cycles
An important application of thermodynamics is the analysis of power cycles through which the energy absorbed as heat can be continuously converted into mechanical work. A thermodynamic analysis ofExpand