Thermodynamical and Structural Effects of Diltiazem on Lecithin Liposomes

  title={Thermodynamical and Structural Effects of Diltiazem on Lecithin Liposomes},
  author={Annarina Ambrosini and Bruno Dubini and Luciano Leone and Maria Grazia Ponzi Bossi and Pietro Giorgio Russo},
Abstract In the present work the structural and thermodynamical modifications induced by the calcium antagonist drug diltiazem, on DPPC liposomes, considered as model of the lipid matrix of the cell membrane, have been studied, by using differential scanning calorimetry, x-ray diffraction and optical microscopy techniques. Calorimetric scans and X-ray diffraction patterns show that, at higher concentration of diltiazem, the pretransition peak disappears, the main transition temperature… CONTINUE READING