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Thermodynamic simulation comparison of opposed two-stroke and conventional four-stroke engines

  title={Thermodynamic simulation comparison of opposed two-stroke and conventional four-stroke engines},
  author={F. Shokrollahihassanbarough and A. Alqahtani and Mirosław Lech Wyszyński},
  journal={Combustion Engines},
Today’s technology leveraging allows OP2S (Opposed Piston 2-Stroke) engine to be considered as an alternative for the conventional four-stroke (4S) engines as mechanical drive in various applications, mainly in transportation. In general, OP2S engines are suited to compete with conventional 4-stroke engines where power-to-weight ratio, power-to-bulk volume ratio and fuel efficiency are requirements. This paper does present a brief advent, as well as the renaissance of OP2S engines and the novel… 

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