Thermodynamic properties of phases of the Ag-Ge-Te system

  title={Thermodynamic properties of phases of the Ag-Ge-Te system},
  author={M. V. Moroz and Mariya Prokhorenko and Bryce Rudyk},
  journal={Russian Journal of Electrochemistry},
The dependence of EMF (E) of Ag|AgI|glass Ag2|GeS3|D galvanic cells on temperature is studied in the range of 555–595 K (Ag, D are electrodes of galvanic cells, D are equilibrium three-phase alloys of the Ag-Ge-Te system; AgI|glass Ag2GeS3 is a two-layer membrane with purely ionic (Ag+) conductivity). Analytical equations describing the E,T-dependences are used for calculation of the values of thermodynamic functions of solid solutions of β-Ag2Te, γ-Ag8GeTe6, and α-GeTe phases of the Ag-Ge-Te… CONTINUE READING

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