Thermodynamic potentials in anisotropic and nonlinear dielectrics

  title={Thermodynamic potentials in anisotropic and nonlinear dielectrics},
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Comprehensive review on Froehlich entropy estimation: a technique to investigate the state of order in condensed matter
The so-called Fröhlich entropy is the entropy variation of a material under the application of an electric field. This quantity can be calculated, under suitable hypotheses, directly from the
Dielectric spectroscopy of ferroelectric polymers
Evidence of double-loop hysteresis in disordered ferroelectric crystal
Double-loop electric-field vs polarization hysteresis is investigated in a depoled compositionally disordered lithium-enriched potassium tantalate niobate crystal. Comparing electro-optic response


Prenematic behavior of the electric-field-induced increment of the basic thermodynamic quantities of isotropic mesogenic liquids of different polarity.
Temperature dependences of the static dielectric permittivity and its derivative, obtained for isotropic mesogenic liquids composed of the molecules of different polarity in relation to the basic
Simple derivation of the Maxwell stress tensor and electrostrictive effects in crystals
Local equilibrium and energy considerations in an elastic dielectric crystal lead to a simple derivation of the Maxwell stress tensor in anisotropic dielectric solids. The resulting equilibrium
Nonlinear dielectric effects in liquids: a guided tour
  • R. Richert
  • Physics
    Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an Institute of Physics journal
  • 2017
What insight can be gained from the nonlinear responses that are not available from dielectric relaxation results obtained in the linear regime are emphasized.
Free energies in the presence of electric and magnetic fields
We discuss the different free energies and Hamiltonians for materials in static electric and magnetic fields and which choice is the most appropriate for statistical mechanics calculations. We also
XCVI. Theory of barium titanate
Summary The theory of the dielectric and crystallographic properties of barium titanate is considered. By expanding the free energy as a function of polarization and strain and making reasonable
Effects of electric field on the entropy, viscosity, relaxation time, and glass-formation.
The effect of E can be used to determine the merits of the models for non-Arrhenius kinetics and is concluded to be high enough to produce a measurable change in the viscosity and relaxation time of some ultraviscous liquids with prominent dipolar interactions.
Fluctuations and thermodynamic properties of anisotropic solids
We present a direct calculation of fluctuation formulae that relate strain and kinetic energy fluctuations to the adiabatic compliance tensor, the constant stress specific heat, and the constant
Electrorheological Source of Nonlinear Dielectric Effects in Molecular Glass-Forming Liquids.
It is found that the field-induced increase in viscosity constitutes a significant source of nonlinear dielectric behavior, which occurs for both dc and alternating current fields.
Thermodynamics and an Introduction to Thermostatistics
GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF CLASSICAL THERMODYNAMICS. The Problem and the Postulates. The Conditions of Equilibrium. Some Formal Relationships, and Sample Systems. Reversible Processes and the Maximum Work