Thermodynamic potentials, diagram of state, and phase transitions of tin on shock compression

  title={Thermodynamic potentials, diagram of state, and phase transitions of tin on shock compression},
  author={A. M. Molodets and S. S. Nabatov},
  journal={High Temperature},
The isochoric-isothermal potentials are constructed for white tin SnΒ and two high-pressure phases of this metal, Snγ and SnΣ. Based on these and previously obtained similar data for tin melt Snl, a phase diagram of tin is constructed in the ranges of pressure from zero to 120 GPa and temperature from 300 to 7000 K; the behavior of the shock adiabat of tin is then treated in the vicinity of its intersection with the obtained equilibrium lines of four phases. 
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Characterization of tin pest by electrical resistance measurement
  • A. Skwarek, B. Illés, A. Géczy
  • Materials Science
    2016 IEEE 22nd International Symposium for Design and Technology in Electronic Packaging (SIITME)
  • 2016
In this paper the allotropic transition of β to α-Sn (so called tin pest) was characterized by electrical resistance measurements. The aim was to compare the ability and sensitivity of the usually