[Thermodynamic forecasting of reagents composition for soils decontamination].


Based on thermodynamic studies, the authors conducted laboratory experiments on searching optimal composition of leaching reagents solution for soils decontamination, when contaminated with Cs-137, of activity coefficient for caesium sulfate microquantities in macrocomponents solutions. The method could be used for modelling the radionuclides phase equillibrium and relocations in soils.

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@article{Nikolaev2009ThermodynamicFO, title={[Thermodynamic forecasting of reagents composition for soils decontamination].}, author={Viktor P Nikolaev and V B Nikolaevskiĭ and I V Chirkina and M Iu Shcheglov}, journal={Meditsina truda i promyshlennaia ekologiia}, year={2009}, volume={3}, pages={20-4} }