Thermoanalytical and NMR investigation of NaBH4·2H2O thermolysis process

  title={Thermoanalytical and NMR investigation of NaBH4·2H2O thermolysis process},
  author={I. V. Arkhangelskii and V. P. Tarasov and O. V. Kravchenko and George Kirakosyan and Misha Tsvetkov and M. V. Solovev and Yu. A. Dobrovolskii and A. V. Shihovzev},
  journal={Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry},
The article describes the thermolysis process of sodium borohydride dihydrate in thermoanalytical experiments. The reaction was carried out without solid catalyst and with catalyst as cobalt boride Co2B. It has been found out that in both cases the process starts after the peritectic reaction of the starting compound and forms a liquid phase. The enthalpy of peritectic reaction is ΔHreact = 19 ± 2 kJ mol−1. When thermolysis proceeds in acetonitrile solution without a catalyst intermediate… CONTINUE READING