Thermo-conductive phase change materials with binary fillers of core-shell-like distribution

  title={Thermo-conductive phase change materials with binary fillers of core-shell-like distribution},
  author={Sen Xue and Chuxin Lei and Dingyao Liu and Ke Wang and Kai Wu and Qiang Fu},
  journal={Composites Part A-applied Science and Manufacturing},
  • Sen XueChuxin Lei Q. Fu
  • Published 1 May 2021
  • Engineering
  • Composites Part A-applied Science and Manufacturing
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Exploring Next‐Generation Functional Organic Phase Change Composites

As one of the main forms and intermediate carriers of energy, it is impressive to expand the application scope of heat energy, thereby boosting innovations in heat harvesting, conversion, storage,



Constructing reduced graphene oxide/boron nitride frameworks in melamine foam towards synthesizing phase change materials applied in thermal management of microelectronic devices.

Results clearly showed that the composite PCMs had excellent light-to-heat energy transition ability and could be used as a thermal management component to suppress the overheating of devices during the operation process, or to supply energy for thermoelectric devices under emergency conditions to ensure a continuous power supply sustained for a certain time until the safeguard procedures are adopted.

Core–shell-like structured graphene aerogel encapsulating paraffin: shape-stable phase change material for thermal energy storage

The development of energy storage materials is critical to the growth of sustainable energy infrastructures in the coming years. Here, a composite phase change material (PCM) based on graphene and

Hierarchically interconnected porous scaffolds for phase change materials with improved thermal conductivity and efficient solar-to-electric energy conversion.

This work provides a route for thermally conductive and shape-stabilized composite PCMs used as energy storage materials.