Thermo-TRP channels: biophysics of polymodal receptors.


In this chapter we discuss the polymodal activation of thermo-TRP channels using as exemplars two of the best characterized members of this class of channels: TRPM8 and TRPV1. Since channel activation by temperature is the hallmark of thermo-TRP channels, we present a detailed discussion on the thermodynamics involved in the gating processes by temperature… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/978-94-007-0265-3_26


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@article{BezNieto2011ThermoTRPCB, title={Thermo-TRP channels: biophysics of polymodal receptors.}, author={David B{\'a}ez-Nieto and Juan Pablo Castillo and Constantino D. Dragicevic and Osvaldo Alvarez and Ram{\'o}n Latorre}, journal={Advances in experimental medicine and biology}, year={2011}, volume={704}, pages={469-90} }