Thermally activated motion of a contact line over defects.

  title={Thermally activated motion of a contact line over defects.},
  author={Hugo Perrin and Romain Lhermerout and Kristina M. Davitt and Etienne Rolley and Bruno Andreotti},
  journal={Soft matter},
  volume={14 9},
At the nanometer scale, the motion of a contact line separating a dry from a wet region is limited by the presence of surface heterogeneities that pin it. Here we revisit the seminal model proposed by Joanny and de Gennes to include the influence of thermal noise and viscosity using a Langevin model with two degrees of freedom: the average position of the contact line and its distortion. We identify the conditions under which the dynamics in a velocity-driven experiment can in fact be described… CONTINUE READING
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