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Thermalization of interacting quasi-one-dimensional systems

  title={Thermalization of interacting quasi-one-dimensional systems},
  author={Miłosz Panfil and Sarang Gopalakrishnan and Robert M Konik},
Many experimentally relevant systems are quasi-one-dimensional, consisting of nearly decoupled chains. In these systems, there is a natural separation of scales between the strong intra-chain interactions and the weak interchain coupling. When the intra-chain interactions are integrable, weak interchain couplings play a crucial part in thermalizing the system. Here, we develop a Boltzmann-equation formalism involving a collision integral that is asymptotically exact for any interacting… 

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Onset of many-body quantum chaos due to breaking integrability
Integrable quantum systems of finite size are generically robust against weak enough integrabilitybreaking perturbations, but become quantum chaotic and thermalizing if the integrability-breaking is
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        ) . 5 This form of δρ p 1 can be read off from Eq . 8 . 7 of Chapter 1 in 1 . 6 A . Polkovnikov
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          These two processes are physically different: in Q (1,2) , the quasiparticle with rapidity λ scatters to a new state while causing a two-particle rearrangement in the other tube