Thermal transport and nonmechanical forces in metals

  title={Thermal transport and nonmechanical forces in metals},
  author={J. Amarel and D. Belitz and T. R. Kirkpatrick},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We discuss contributions to the thermopower in an electron fluid. A simple argument based on Newton’s second law with the pressure gradient as the force suggests that the thermopower is given by a thermodynamic derivative, viz., the entropy per particle, rather than being an independent transport coefficient. The resolution is the existence of an entropic force that results from a coupling between the mass current and the heat current in the fluid. We also discuss and clarify some aspects of a… 



Contemporary Kinetic Theory of Matter

Kinetic theory provides a microscopic description of many observable, macroscopic processes and has a wide range of important applications in physics, astronomy, chemistry, and engineering. This

Here we consider only the Fermi-liquid contribution to the entropy and neglect contributions from, e.g., impurities or phonons