Thermal pole-tip protrusion analysis of magnetic heads for hard disk drives

  title={Thermal pole-tip protrusion analysis of magnetic heads for hard disk drives},
  author={Kazuyoshi Aoki and Tomoya Hoshino and Teruo Iwase and Takeshi Imamura and Keiji Aruga},
  journal={INTERMAG Asia 2005. Digests of the IEEE International Magnetics Conference, 2005.},
Recent flying heights have been reduced to 10 nm or less. Thermal pole-tip protrusion can further reduce flying clearance by a few nanometers and increase the risk of failure at the head-disk interface. The safety margin of the flying height decreases by a few nanometers due to thermal pole-tip protrusion deformation. This deformation is caused both by mismatched thermal properties of the various materials used in the magnetic head and the write current in the coil. We need to clearly identify… CONTINUE READING


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