Thermal modeling and analysis of storage systems


Recognizing that power and cooling cost for data centers are increasing, we address in this study the thermal impact of storage systems. In the first phase of this work, we generate the thermal profile of a storage server containing three hard disks. The profiling results show that disks have comparable thermal impacts as processing and networking elements to overall storage node temperature. We develop a thermal model to estimate the outlet temperature of a storage server based on processor and disk utilizations. The thermal model is validated against data acquired by an infrared thermometer as well as build-in temperature sensors on disks. Next, we apply the thermal model to investigate the thermal impact of workload management on storage systems. Our study suggests that disk-aware thermal management techniques have significant impacts on reducing cooling cost of storage systems. We further show that this work can be extended to analysis the cooling cost of data centers with massive storage capacity.

DOI: 10.1109/PCCC.2012.6407725

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