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Thermal management of outside plant telecommunication cabinets: Design and CFD modeling methodology

  title={Thermal management of outside plant telecommunication cabinets: Design and CFD modeling methodology},
  author={Iqbal Mariam and Feroz Ahamed},


Coarse and detailed CFD modelling of a finned heat sink
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CFD modelling of electronic components becomes increasingly more important as CFD spreads into the design process. This paper compares the results of a detailed CFD model of a heat sink with
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Some issues in experimental testing and methodologies in the thermal management of telecommunication components, systems and enclosures
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In many telecommunications applications, switching/signal processing equipment is continuously increasing in capabilities, and more importantly, heat dissipation. The equipment often must be housed
A thermal model for insulated gate bipolar transistor module
A thermal resistor-capacitor (RC) model is introduced for the power insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) modules used in a three-phase inverter. The parameters of the model are extracted from the
Energy minimization based fan configuration for double walled telecommunication cabinet with solar load
Access networks provide the last mile of connectivity to telecommunication customers throughout the world. Voice, data, and video services through fiber, copper and wireless media are all delivered
Numerical Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow
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This book focuses on heat and mass transfer, fluid flow, chemical reaction, and other related processes that occur in engineering equipment, the natural environment, and living organisms. Using
The numerical computation of turbulent flows
Thermoelectric Cooling Analysis Using Modified Graphical Method
Comprehensive analysis of thermoelectric cooling systems involves many parametric equations, which require solving complex mathematical or computation-fluid-dynamic (CFD) models. In this study, a
Thermal management of telecommunications batteries using phase change materials (PCM) Jacket/sup TM/
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Telephone operating companies have a long history of powering equipment with batteries. The life of a battery is directly related to the load applied, proper recharging and most of all, the