Thermal indications of cutaneous blood flow in the American alligator

  title={Thermal indications of cutaneous blood flow in the American alligator},
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  • S. Robertson, E. Smith
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  • Chemistry
  • Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Physiology
1. 1. Cutaneous surface and subdermal heat flow measurements were made for a 67.1 kg alligator and combined with previously reported data from smaller alligators. 2. 2. Mean cutaneous blood flow rates of 0.016ml blood/min per cm2 of skin are thermally indicated at a body temperature of 25°C. 3. 3. This result is in good agreement with the rate of blood flow calculated from 133Xe clearance halftime. 4. 4. Body conductance obtained from the present work show trends with weight in… Expand
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