Thermal expansion of Cu6Sn5 and (Cu,Ni)(6)Sn-5

  title={Thermal expansion of Cu6Sn5 and (Cu,Ni)(6)Sn-5},
  author={Dekui Mu and Jonathan Read and Yafeng Yang and Kazuhiro Nogita},
Cu6Sn5 is a common intermetallic compound formed during electrical packaging. It has an allotropic transformation from the low-temperature monoclinic eta'-Cu6Sn5 to high-temperature hexagonal eta-Cu6Sn5 at equilibrium temperature 186 degrees C. In this research, the effects of this allotropic transformation and Ni addition on the thermal expansion of eta'- and/or eta-Cu6Sn5 were characterized using synchrotron x-ray diffraction and dilatometry. A volume expansion during the monoclinic to… CONTINUE READING