Thermal diffusion of solitons on anharmonic chains with long-range coupling.

  title={Thermal diffusion of solitons on anharmonic chains with long-range coupling.},
  author={Christian Brunhuber and Franz G Mertens and Yuri B. Gaididei},
  journal={Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics},
  volume={75 3 Pt 2},
We extend our studies of thermal diffusion of nontopological solitons to anharmonic Fermi-Pasta-Ulam-type chains with additional long-range couplings. The observed superdiffusive behavior in the case of nearest-neighbor interaction turns out to be the dominating mechanism for the soliton diffusion on chains with long-range interactions. Using a collective variable technique in the framework of a variational analysis for the continuum approximation of the chain, we derive a set of stochastic… 
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The soliton phenomena described in the simulations ofalpha helices may help to explain recent x-ray experiments on long alpha helices in Rhodopsin where a long lifetime of the vibrational modes has been observed.