Thermal convection in ice-I shells of Titan and Enceladus

  title={Thermal convection in ice-I shells of Titan and Enceladus},
  author={G. Mitri and A. Showman},
  • G. Mitri, A. Showman
  • Published 2006
  • Geology, Materials Science
  • Icarus
  • Abstract Cassini–Huygens observations have shown that Titan and Enceladus are geologically active icy satellites. Mitri and Showman [Mitri, G., Showman, A.P., 2005. Icarus 177, 447–460] and McKinnon [McKinnon, W.B., 2006. Icarus 183, 435–450] investigated the dynamics of an ice shell overlying a pure liquid-water ocean and showed that transitions from a conductive state to a convective state have major implications for the surface tectonics. We extend this analysis to the case of ice shells… CONTINUE READING
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